Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What is the history of live performance art in Ireland?

The book "Performance Art in Ireland: A History" is going to be launched in the next few weeks in ireland and the UK...here are the dates. Please come to a launch near you!

BELFAST Friday 13 March 2015 at 8pm
Belfast International Festival of Performance Art 2015 (Part of the Ulster Festival of Art) at the Ulster University Belfast Campus, Foyer With presentations by Áine Phillips, Karine Talec and Brian Connolly
Supported by Cultural Development within the Ulster University

LONDON Tuesday 17 March 2015 at 7pm
The White Building, Hackney Wick
With presentations by Áine Phillips, Nigel Rolfe, Helena Walsh, André Stitt and contributions from London based artists featured in the book

DUBLIN Thursday 19 March 2015 at 6pm
Harry Clarke Lecture Theatre, National College of Art and Design and National Irish Visual Arts Library With a presentation by Áine Phillips and conversation with LADA’s Lois Keidan

GALWAY Thursday 26th March 2015 at 6pm
Charlie Byrne's Bookshop, Middle Street Galway With presentations by Áine Phillips, James Harold and Megs Morley

CORK -- to be decided soon! Watch this space...

This blog exists to construct a public chronology of major performance events and to record the emergence of individual performance artists in Ireland since the 1970's. This timeline will be recreated in a new publication Performance Art in Ireland: A History, edited by Áine Phillips and published by the Live Art Development Agency and Intellect Books in 2015. For the purposes of this publication we are focusing on performance and Live Art where the artist's body is the site for the work.
Each artist is listed when she/he first performed live in Ireland. The inventory below is the first draft... please help create an accurate record! Contact me with additions, omissions and corrections and this timeline will be updated regularly.
Email phillipsaine@gmail.com or post directly to this blog.

background image: Anne Seagrave and Manuel Vason, Collaboration(1) 2005


Brian O Doherty began signing his name Patrick Ireland
Adrian Hall (Belfast)

Joseph Beuys comes to Ireland

Alastair MacLennan (Belfast)
Philip Roycroft (Belfast)
James King (Derry)

Lydia Lunch (Project Dublin)
Nigel Rolfe (Dublin)
John Carson (Belfast)
Rainer Pagel (Belfast)
Tony Hill (Belfast)

Event: Performance Art with Ask Mother at Queens University including André Stitt, Geoff Shannon, Trevor Wray & Ask Mother (Belfast)

Kevin Atherton (Belfast)
Kieran Lyons (Belfast)
Declan McGonagle (Belfast)
Dave Evans (Cork)
Andre Stitt (Belfast)
Dave Evans (Dublin)
Sonia knox (Belfast)
Mark Thomas (Belfast)
Event: A.R.E. Art Research Exchange with international artists Dale Franks (Australia) Roland Miller (England), Zbignew Warpechowski (Poland), Stuart Brisley (England) and Irish artists Kevin Atherton, Marc Chaimowicz, Nigel Rolfe, Kieran Lyons, Alastair MacLennan, Margaret Gillan (Belfast)

Live Work Project (Dublin)
Danny McCarthy (Triskel Cork)
Philip Roycroft, Brian Cunningham, Martin Wedge, Rainer Pagel, Angela McCabe, Damien Coyle, Viv Crane, James King (Belfast)
Martin Folan (Dublin)
Sonia Knox
Mick Mulcahy
Nick Stewart (Belfast)
Tara Babel (Belfast)

Frances Lydon O Regan (Cork)
Nick Stewart (NI)
Marina Abramovic and Ulay perform Rest/Energy at ROSC (Dublin)
Willie Doherty (Northern Ireland)
Brian Cunningham (Belfast)
Martin Wedge (Belfast)
Angela McCabe (Belfast)
Damien Coyle (Belfast)
Viv Crane (Belfast)
Event: 3 wee dolls/3 wee boys, performance week at the Project (Dublin)

Virgin Prunes at Douglas Hyde (Dublin)
Event: The First National Festival of Performance Art NCAD (Dublin)
Event: Hibernian Inscape, Irish performance Art at Third Eye Centre (Glasgow)
Margaret Gillen (Dublin)
Anne Tallentire (Dublin)
Oscar McLennan Frances Hegarty (Donegal)
Cathy Owens
Angela McCabe
Vickie Adams
Michael Murphy (Dublin)

Anthony Sheehan (Cork)
Mick Murphy
Damien Coyle
Michael Murphy
Michael Byrne (Waterford)

WAAG (women artists action group) with Alanna O'Kelly (Dublin)
Pauline Cummins, Louise Walsh, Jackie Ahearne (Dublin)
Pauline Flynn (Dublin)
Oscar McLennan (Dublin)
Event: Live Irish Art at Franklin Furnace with André Stitt, John Carson, Nick Stewart, Angela McCabe, Damien Coyle, Nigel Rolfe, Patrick Ireland (New York)

Gerald Leslie (Dublin)
Brian Counihan
Olwen Foueré (Dublin)
Tony Sheehan (Cork)
Paul McCarthy performed at Artspace (Cork)
Michael Shanahan (Mallow)
Event: Referendum (Let URX=NO) PERFORMANCE Project Arts Centre (Dublin)

Anne Seagrave at The Irish Exhibition of Living Art (EVA Dublin)
Gearoid Dolan aka ScreaMachine (EVA Dublin)
John Byrne (Dublin)
Michael Shanahan (Waterford)
Irene Murphy (Cork)
Áine O'Brien (Cork)
Mick O Shea (Cork)
Patricia Hurl (Dublin)
Michael Beirne (Cork)
Sean Taylor (Limerick)
Event: First group performance in Ireland "The Daughters of Vasectomy" Cork Art Now Crawford Gallery with Danny McCarthy, Tadgh Curtis, Ray Lawton, Carla Hill (Cork)
Event: P.A.N. (Performance Art Now) The first seminar held about performance art in Ireland with Alanna O’Kelly, Nigel Rolfe, Roger Doyle, Danny McCarthy and Anthony Sheehan and Italian Peformance group “Mutus Liber” (Cork)

Event: Irish Art Now with Danny McCarthy & Brian Kennedy (Turin Italy)
Mary Duffy (Dublin)
Maurice O'Connell (Dublin)
Julie Kelliher (Cork)
Fergus Kelly (Dublin)
Gerard Leslie ((Dublin)
Sean O'hUigin (Cork)

Anne Tallentire and Anne Seagrave at A.R.E. Artist research Exchange (Belfast)
Brian Connolly (Belfast)

Anne Tallentire (Dublin)
Tara Babel (Belfast)
Event: Live At The Project - various Irish artists including Steve Durland, Editor of High Performance Magazine USA (Dublin)

Bernadette Cotter (Cork)
Keike Twisselmann (Belfast)
Blue Funk (Dublin)

Sandra Johnson (Northern Ireland)
Cindy Cummings (USA/Dublin)
Áine Phillips (Galway)
Event: Irish Days – Castle of the Imagination Poland: Amanda Dunsmore, Noel Molloy
Peter Richards (Belfast)
Brian Connolly (Belfast)
Hilary Gilligan (Sligo)

Peter Richards (Belfast)
Michael McLoughlan

Desperate Optimists, Christine Molloy & Joe Lawlor
Paul Johnson

Amanda Dunsmore (Limerick/UK)
Joyce Duffy (Dublin)
Event: Irish Days - Baltic Art Gallery (Poland)
Noel Molloy (Roscommon)

Christoff Gillen (Belfast)
Mick Wilson (Dublin)
Peter, Richards (Belfast)
Event: Songs of the Reaper with Brian Connolly Project Arts Centre (Dublin)
Philip Napier (Northern Ireland)
Event (Annual): Dublin Fringe Festival
Event(recurrent): FIX Catalyst (Europe's oldest performance biennale since 1994 Belfast)

Mick Wilson at The Project (Dublin)
Amanda Coogan (Dublin)
Declan Rooney
STEM, Sean Taylor, Amanda Dunsmore (Limerick)
Frances Mazzetti (Dublin)
Event: Arts & Research Exchange Brian Kennedy (NI)
Sinead O'Donnell (Belfast)
Dan Shipsides (Belfast)

Event (regular 1996- 2000): FIX/Infusion and the Real Art Project with artists Emma Johnson, Towell Brothers, Aileen Lambert, Mick Fortune (Limerick)
Fergus Byrne (Dublin)
Brian Loughran (Galway)

Denis Buckley (Kerry)
Declan Rooney (Carlow)
Event: Wladyslaw Kazmierczak, Ewa Rybska, Pawel Kwasniewski perform at Arthouse curated by Anne Seagrave (Dublin)
Event: Inner Art, curated by Tony Sheehan & Brian Kennedy with various artists including Stuart Brisley, Firestation (Dublin)
Kira O'Reilly (Kerry/UK)

Operating Theatre (Dublin)
Intermedia Triskel (Cork)
Event: IMMA performance curation includes Marina Abramovic, Janine Antoni, Matthew Barney (Dublin)
Event: Arthouse Aspidistra Events (Dublin)
Niall Sweeney
Leah Hilliard
Event: Inhale - Exhale with Brian Connolly, Alastair Mac Lennan & Brian Kennedy Temple Bar Gallery (Dublin)
Suzanne Geraghty (Galway)

Orla Barry (Wexford)
Austin McQuinn (Tipperary)
Black Market International at Green on Red (Dublin)
Mick O'Shea (Cork)
Peter Duffy (Dublin)
Irene Murphy (Cork)
Jools Gilsen Ellis (Cork)

Helena Walsh (Limerick)
Anna & Emma McLoughlan (Donegal)
Sinead O Donnell (Dublin)
Hugh O Donnell (Dublin)
Sinead Breathnach-Cashell (Belfast)
Bern Roche Farrelly (Dublin)
Event: The Appearances Project with Pauline Cummins, Sandra Johnson and Frances Mazzetti at Arthouse (Dublin)
Tom Flanagan (Galway)
Anna & Emma McLoughlan (Donegal)
Sally O'Dowd (Cavan)

Bbeyond formed (Belfast)
Event: Marking the Territory IMMA with Marina Abramovic (Dublin)
Event: Fire Station Artists Studios performance workshop with Nigel Rolfe
Mick O Shea (Cork)
Art Trail (Cork)
Event: Dublin Electronic Arts Festival
Suzanne Geraghty (LimericK)
Helena Walsh (Limerick)
Helen Sharp (Belfast)
Aimnin (Belfast)
Event: City Fabric curated by Brian Kennedy, Firestation (Dublin)
Sascha Perfect (Dublin/New Zealand)

Brian Patterson (Belfast)
Event: Electric Rain with Irene Murphy, Andrew Johnson, Colette Lewis, Eleanor Rivers
Niamh Lawlor (Cork)
Cian McConn (Galway)
Event: GET UP, curated by Anne Seagrave & Oscar McLennan (Dublin)
Anne Ffrench (Cork)
Paul King (Belfast)

Event: BACK UP, curated by Anne Seagrave & Oscar McLennan (Dublin)
Anita Ponton (Dublin CAC)
Club Outrageous (Galway)
Victoria McCormack (Galway)
Aideen Barry (Galway)
Event: SounDin Slavek Kwi
Hilary Gilligan (Sligo)
Frances Mezzetti (Dublin)
Siobhan O'Kelly (Dublin)
Kaija O'Kelly (Dublin)
Jennifer Hanley (Belfast)
Event: Electric Rain (Cork)
Orla Barry (Wexford)

Dominic Thorpe (Dublin)
Ailbhe Murphy
Hilary Gilligan (Sligo)
Leo Devlin (Belfast)
Colm Clarke (Belfast)
Sinead McCann (Dublin)
Event: Electric Rain (Cork)
ENSO Live art (Galway)

Event: Bodily Functions, The Granary (Cork)
Tulca Live (Galway)
Event (regular 205-2009): Excursions (Limerick)
Event: Offside Live Pallas Projects at Hugh Lane (Dublin)
Sandra Bunting (Cork)
Not Abel (Cork)
Louise Manifold (Galway)
Niamh McCann (Dublin)
Elvira Santamaria Torres moved to Belfast
Suzanne Walsh (Dublin)

Event: Out of Site 2006 - 2008 curated by Michelle Browne (Dublin)
Lisa Marie Johnson (Dublin)
Dylan Tighe (Dublin)
Gary Coyle (Dublin)
Claire-Louise Bennet (Galway)
Aideen Barry (Galway)
Gary Coyle (Dublin)
Matthew Nevin (Dublin)
Emma Houlihan (Clare)
Naomi Sex (Dublin)
Terence Erraught (Dublin)

Vicky Langan (Cork)
Event: Excursions with Alex Conway (Dublin), Aine O'Dwyer (Limerick)
Cian Donnelly (Northern Ireland)
Event: Fire Station Artists Studios performance workshop with Alastair McLennon & Brian Connolly
Event: MART Mobile Art Cart (Galway)
Alex Conway (Dublin)
Linda Conroy (Waterford)
Tara Consodine (Waterford)
Event: Have U Met Nosti? New Performance from New Europe Festival curated by Sascha Perfect (Dublin)
Clodagh Lavelle (Belfast)
Carl Giffney (Offaly)

Event (regular): Gracelands curated by Vaari Claffey (Mayo)
Niamh Murphy (Dublin)
James McCann (Cork)
Valerie Joyce (Galway)
Event: Via Negativa curated by Bojan Jablanovic with artists Aoife Heery, Lisa Marie Johnson, Alex Conway, Sasha Perfect, Ailish Claffey (Dublin)
Vukasin Nedeljikovic (Slovenia/Mayo)
Cian McConn (Galway)
Event: Live@8 curated by Áine Phillips, Vivienne Dick and Maeve Mulrennan (2008 - 2013 Galway) Sally Ann Kelly
Deirdre McPhillips (Galway)
Ciara Scanlon (Galway)
MART Challenging Behaviour at Galway Arts Festival
Event(regular): Livestock at The Market Studios curated by Louise Ward & Joan Healy (Dublin)

Ann Maria Healy (Galway)
Katherine Nolan (Galway)
Kate Craddock (Dublin)
Lisa Vandegrift Davala (Sligo)
Joan Healy
Pearl Hennigan (Galway) Katherine Atkinson (Dublin)
Lynnette Moran (Dublin)
Event: Straylight at Darklight curated by Niamh Murphy (Dublin)
Aoife Casey (Dublin)
Áine O'Dwyer (Limerick)
Helena Hamilton (Belfast)
Steve Maher (Limerick)
Event: P.A. Live (Dublin)
Anne Quail (Belfast)
Ciaran O Keffe (Dublin)
Event (annual): Live Collision curated by Lynnette Moran (Dublin)

Event: Right Here Right Now with Aine Phillips, Amanda Coogan, Brian Connolly, Dominic Thorpe, Frances Mezzetti, Brian Patterson, Sinead McCann, Catherine Barragry, Fergus Byrne, Michelle Browne, Ann Maria Healy, Helena Walshe, Francis Fay, Pauline Cummins, Victoria Mc Cormack, Alex Conway, Sandra Johnston, Meabh Redmond & Niamh Murphy at Kilmainham Gaol (Dublin)
Event (regular): Unit 1 (Dublin)
Event: Live Scratch curated by Lynnette Moran (Dublin)
Cian McConn (Galway)
Eve Vaughan
Ruby Staunton (Dublin)
Event (regular): Transversal curated by Fergus Byrne and Deirdre Murphy (Dublin)
The Devils Spine Band (Dublin)
Seamus Dunbar (Leitrim)
Eleanor Lawlor (Dublin)
Darren Caffrey (Kilkenny)
Dylan Tighe (Dublin)
Anna Berndtson (Dublin)
Event: The Potential of Vacancy curated by Sinead McCann with artists Bern Roche Farrely, Brian Fay, Francis Fay, Catherine Barragry, Cormac Brown, Daniel Monks, Denis Buckley and the Performance Collective (Dublin)
Anna Berndtson at The Lab (Dublin)

Jayne Cherry (Belfast)
Magdalena Karol (Waterford)
Event: Fire Station Artists Studios performance workshop with Sandra Johnson & Alastair McLennon
Noel Arrigan (Galway)
Event (regular): Livestock, event with Debbie Guinnane, Jennie Guy, Alan Delmar, Eleanor Lawlor (Dublin)
James McCann (Cork)
Trudi van der Elsen (Clare)
James McCann (Cork)
Event (regular): Unit 1 curated by Ciara McKeon & Dominic Thorpe (Dublin) Ruth Flynn (Waterford)
Kathy O Leary
TADA Niamh Moroney & Donna Rose O'Keeney (Cork)
Niamh McCann (Dublin)
Event (annual): Live Collision|Bite Size curated by Lynnette Moran with artists Bryony Kimmings, Adam Fearon, Maurice Joseph Kelliher (Dublin)
Trudi Van Der Elsen (Clare)

Event (regular): Dublin Live Art Festival curated by Niamh Murphy
Event (regular): Gracelands curated by Vaari Claffey (Limerick)
Maeve Fitzgibbon Moore
Event: Remnant with Dominic Thorpe, Amanda Coogan and Aideen Barry (Ballina)
Karine Talec (Belfast)
Kieran Healy (Cork)
Event: Labour 11 Irish women artists (London, Derry, Dublin)
Declan Casey
EL Putanm (USA/Dublin)
Generation The Dock (Carrick on Shannon)
Katrina Sheena Smyth (Belfast)
Hilary Williams (Dublin)
Event: Fire Station Artists Studios performance workshop with Jurgen Fritz
John Freeman (USA/Clare)
Ciara McKeon (Dublin)
Event: 4.3.12 at Block T produced by Performance Art Network (Dublin)
pre form collaborative group with Ciara McKeon, Tanya O'Keeffe, Alan Magee, Olivia Hassett, Alan Delmar and Debbie Guinnane (Dublin)
Event: Split Charge at Project Arts Centre curated by Ciara McKeon (Dublin)
Pauline Keena (Dublin)
Event: Impromtu with Seamus Bradley, Paula Fitz, Eleanor Lawler, Katherine Nolan, Donna McLoughlin (Dublin)
John Conway (Dublin)
Mary Ahearne (Galway)
Tanya O Keeffe (Dublin)
Olivia Hasset (Dublin)
Event (regular): Unit 1 curated by Ciara McKeon and Dominick Thorpe 2012 - 2014 (Dublin)
Noel Arrigan (Galway)
Debbie Guinnane (Dublin)
Charlotte Bosanquet (Belfast)
Event: Subject To Ongoing Change with The performance Collective (Galway)
Event: Remnant with Aideen Barry, Dominic Thorpe, Amanda Coogan (Ballina)
Ciaran O'Keeffe (Dublin)
Deirdre Morrisey (Dublin)
Redmond/Murphy (Dublin)
Terry Markey (Dublin)
Alan James Burns (Dublin)
Dublin Laptop Orchestra
Sarah Hurl (Dublin)
Jennie Guy (Dublin)
Sally O'Dowd (Cavan)
Fiona O'Reilly (Dublin)
Frances Williams/Anna Spearman (Dublin)
Vanessa Dawes (Dublin)
Áine Belton (Dublin)
David Nugents (Dublin)
Event: Symposium Live Performance from the Visual Arts at The Lab (Dublin)
Event: The Art of Encounter - Bbeyond, Queens University (Belfast)

Ceara Conway (Galway)
Event: Generation curated by Fergus Byrne (Carrick on Shannon)
Event: Desire Lines curated by Claire Behan with artists Catherine Barragry, Katherine Nolan, Katherine Atkinson, Eleanor Lawler (Dublin)
Event: Fire Station Artists Studios performance workshop with Marilyn Arsem
Sorcha Kenny (Dublin)
Event: Between you, me and the four walls curated by Michelle Browne for IETM at The Project (Dublin)
Conor Foy (Dublin)
Louise Ward (Dublin)
Patricia Melo (Dublin)
Janna Kemperman (Dublin)
Event: MART The Non Zero Sum Art Games with Áine Phillips, Frances Fay, Eleanor Lawlor, Vanessa Daws, Katherine Nolan (Dublin, Lisbon, Athens)
Event: Between you, me & the four walls, curated by Michelle Browne for IETM Project (Dublin)
Áine O Hara (Dublin)
Alan Magee (Dublin)
Event: Belfast International Festival of performance Art curated by Brian Connolly
Darren Caffery (Dublin)
Event: Nigel Rolfe at Deframed Infraction Venice Biennale
Fathers of Western Thought (Dublin)
Gearoid O’Dea (Dublin)
Event: Things in Translation: The Legs Foundation LFTT Library with Katherine Atkinson (Drogheda)
Siobh Mc Grane (Dublin)
Tanya O'Keefe (Dublin)

Siobh McGrane (Dublin)
Event: These Immovable Walls curated by Michelle Browne at Dublin Castle
Event: Newtown Castle Little Performance Festival curated by Áine Phillips (Clare)
Event: Heatrash Werk at IMMA curated by This Is Pop Baby (Dublin)
The performance Caravan: Jennifer Ahern, Peta Beagan, Roisin Bohan, Natasha Bourke, Samantha Conlon, Niamh Cooney, Eilis Collins, Lynn-Marie Dennehy, Allison Fogarty, Áine Kelly, Enya Mac Mahon, Lisa Weldon (Cork)
Event: Belfast International Festival of performance Art curated by Brian Connolly Sinead Cormack (Dublin)
Event: Symposium Anticipating Performance; A Curatorial Question, produced by Unit 1 Ciara McKeon & Dominic Thorpe at Royal Hibernian Academy (Dublin)
Liadain Heirrott (Dublin)
Aine O'Hara (Dublin)
Conor O'Grady (Dublin)
Event: These Immovable Walls, Performing Power at Dublin Castle curated by Michelle Browne (Dublin)
David J Magee (Dublin)
Leona Cully (Dublin)
  Event: Bel-Mad Exchange Project catalyst (Belfast)
Event: NEST Festival of female performance (Kilkenny)
Event: Pre form at The Lab (Dublin)
Event: Self-made, curated by Dominic Thorpe & Ciara McKeon with artists Fergus Byrne, Anne Seagrave, Debbie Guinnane at Crawford Gallery (Cork)